Allison LeBaron creates each journal by hand using the finest quality leather, rag paper and linen thread.

100% Natural Ingredients, Just Add Your Thoughts



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. . . diary, travel log, sketchbook, photo album, guestbook, poetry journal, autograph book, pirate journal . . .

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Medieval Bas Relief

Dead Sea Scrolls

Pony Express Rider

Medieval Bindings

Allison LeBaron creates each journal by hand, using techniques which use no glue. This type of non-adhesive binding was used in Medieval and Renaissance Europe to produce books which have lasted for centuries. Because no glue is used, the books can withstand water damage and can be taken apart and reassembled for restoration.

Travel Diaries

The LeBaron leather journal is an ideal travel companion. The sturdy leather wrap-around binding provides a secure housing for the interior pages.  100% cotton rag paper is made from actual woven cloth which is then pulled apart and the fibers formed into sheets. The result is incredibly strong paper ideal for pen, ink, sketching, watercolor or collage.

The Pony Express

Allison LeBaron’s individually handcrafted journals use all-natural saddle-grade leather stretched and cured to withstand the same rigors as the pony express pouches of the Old Wild West. Tuck your journal into your luggage, carryall or even under your saddle so that you’ll always have it handy.

Artist Andi Arnovitz journals in a LeBaron Journal

The perfect travel companion: write your thoughts or make quick sketches on the creamy white 100% cotton rag paper, tuck postcards, leaves, flowers and other travel memorabilia between the pages. Tie it all up with the soft deerskin strap. Hiking, biking or on the subway, you’re never far from a way to put down your thoughts.

Artist Andi Arnovitz journals in a LeBaron Journal

The LeBaron Leather Journal

100% Natural Ingredients. Just Add Your Thoughts.

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